AoE4 World Data

Parsed stats on units, buildings and technologies from Age of Empires 4 in a developer friendly format.

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This project hosts data on all units, buildings, technologies, upgrades and other AoE4 game objects in an opinionated json format ready for developers to use in any project. The data is parsed from game files and reflects what players can read on in-game tooltips.



  "id": "man-at-arms-2",
  "baseId": "man-at-arms",
  "type": "unit",
  "name": "Early Man-at-Arms",
  "pbgid": 166404,
  "attribName": "unit_manatarms_2_eng",
  "age": 2,
  "civs": ["en"],
  "description": "Tough infantry with good damage.\n+ High armor\n- Slow movement\n- Countered by Knights, Lancers, and Crossbowmen",
  "classes": ["heavy", "melee", "infantry"],
  "displayClasses": ["Heavy Melee Infantry"],
  "unique": false,
  "costs": {
    "food": 100,
    "wood": 0,
    "stone": 0,
    "gold": 20,
    "total": 120,
    "popcap": 1,
    "time": 15
  "producedBy": ["barracks", "the-white-tower", "keep", "berkshire-palace"],
  "icon": "",
  "hitpoints": 120,
  "weapons": [
      "name": "Sword",
      "type": "melee",
      "damage": 10,
      "speed": 1.375,
      "range": {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 0.295
      "modifiers": [],
      "durations": {
        "aim": 0,
        "windup": 0.5,
        "attack": 0.125,
        "winddown": 0.75,
        "reload": 0,
        "setup": 0,
        "teardown": 0,
        "cooldown": 0
      "attribName": "weapon_manatarms_2",
      "pbgid": 129615
      "name": "Torch",
      "type": "fire",
      "damage": 10,
      "speed": 2.125,
      "range": {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 1.25
      "modifiers": [],
      "durations": {
        "aim": 0,
        "windup": 0.75,
        "attack": 0.125,
        "winddown": 0,
        "reload": 0,
        "setup": 0,
        "teardown": 0,
        "cooldown": 1.25
      "attribName": "weapon_torch",
      "pbgid": 123518
  "armor": [
      "type": "melee",
      "value": 3
      "type": "ranged",
      "value": 3
  "sight": {
    "line": 36,
    "height": 10
  "movement": {
    "speed": 1.125


All units, buildings and technologies are individually available for each civilization that has access to them. Additionally, there’s an ‘unified’ format, that groups together variations of the same item in one file.

Example File Description
/units/english/horseman-2.json The English horseman available in Feudal Age
/units/unified/horseman.json All horsemen from all civilizations and all ages
/units/all.json All units from all civilizations and all ages in one list
/units/all-unified.json All units from all civilizations and all ages, grouped by unit
/buildings/** Buildings and landmarks
/technologies/** Technologies, like blacksmith upgrades, uniqiue improvments, etc
/upgrade/** Unit upgrades, i.e. veteran horseman to elite horseman


The logic to parse game files and output them in our desired format resides in src/attrib.

Requirements: Node, .Net Core

Contributing and development

Feel free to open PRs or issues for data that is incorrect or missing, if possible please provide a rationale or source. One-off corrections to data are encoded in src/attrib/workarounds.ts and technology effects in src/attrib/technologies.ts

Updating the data from game files

  1. Download and install the latest version of AOEMods.Essence.
  2. Localate the game files, typically located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV\. When you play the gam through XBox, the process is a bit more involved as the game is installed in the hidden and secure windowsapps folder.
  3. Copy the following files/folders into /source
    • cardinal\attrib for all stats and attributes
    • cardinal\archives\UIArt.sga for the icons (optional for patches without any new icons)
    • cardinal\archives\LocaleEnglish.sga for the names and descriptions
  4. Unpack the locale file using AOEMods.Essence, i.e.
    dotnet AOEMods.Essence.CLI.dll sga-unpack ./source/LocaleEnglish.sga ../source/locale`
  5. Optionally unpack the UIArt file using AOEMods.Essence, and convert the icons into PNG files, i.e.
    dotnet AOEMods.Essence.CLI.dll sga-unpack ./source/UIArt.sga ./source/art`
    dotnet AOEMods.Essence.CLI.dll rrtex-decode ./source/art/ui/icons/races ./source/icons -b
  6. You should end up with a folder structure like this:
    ├── attrib
    │   ├── instances
    │   ├── templates
    │   └── etc...
    ├── icons
    │   └── races
    │       ├── abbasid
    │       ├── chinese
    │       └── etc...
    └── locale
        └── en
            └── cardinal.en.ucs
  7. Run yarn install && yarn parse to update the data.
  8. Verify the changes. Specifically, the technology effects are currently compiled from translation parameters, of which the order may change. This can easily be spotted by changes in any technology description field. If they changed, update the parameter order or implementation in effect.ts.
  9. Run yarn build to update the optimzed json files and library.

Updating the data using SGA Archives (& server side patches)

This project can also work with the JSON output fomr sga-extract into rgd-decode from the AOEMods.Essence CLI. This is a bit more involved, but allows you to update the data while using the actual .sga files rather than relying on the developers bundling the attrib folder in the game files.

This is also required for server side patches as they don’t update any of the game files inside cardinal, but can rather be found as a patch SGA file in Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\OTAPatches.

For a server side patch, or using the Attrib.sga file from the game files (found in /archives), you can use the following steps:

dotnet AOEMods.Essence.CLI.dll sga-unpack ../Attrib.sga ../myattrib
dotnet AOEMods.Essence.CLI.dll  rgd-decode ../myattrib ../myjsonattrib -b -f json

Put the resulting files in source/essence/attrib (note the absence of the instances folder). Then run yarn parse --essence and yarn build as usual. The --essence flag will switch the getData function used when fetching file data.


Created and maintained by Robert van Hoesel from AoE4 World

License and rights

All of this data is open source, you may use it in your projects, websites and apps. However, Microsoft owns the Copyright on the game, and for this reason you can’t use this data in commercial contexts, excepts as described in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. Whenever you are using the data in this repository or other media from Age of Empires 4, please make sure to abide by the rules.

Age Of Empires 4 © Microsoft Corporation. Aoe4world/data was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age Of Empires 4, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.